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Playing roles frees from what you think you are.
Life is like a movie, you are the actor, not the role.

Im Fluss des Lebens

German Movie with Ruth-Maria Kubitschek          
Zieglerfilm Berlin, 2010

Luegen haben linke Hände
German TV Movie
Zieglerfilm Berlin, 2010

The Absence of Strangers
Al White, UK
Reno, NV 2012

Reality TV
Das perfekte Dinner
5 Day German Cooking Competition
Granada Film, Koeln, 2011


CONTACT  Manuela Stoerzer Vogt
Spain +34 661 682 888        USA +1 424 333 9003

Special Skills

Pilot (VFR), Archery, Freeclimbing, Motorcycle, Self-Hypnosis, shooting Guns, Snowboard, Walking Coach, Yoga

English (slightly French accent),  Spanish,  German fluently, French conversational

Creative, outgoing, charismatic, sincere, radiant, fun to work with

5.9″, slender, sporty-elegant

Play  age 40-50

Contributing Talent for TONI BESTARD´s “Equipages”, Mallorca Spain

2 thoughts on “ACTING

  1. Hola Manuela, love your website so so good and dane very prefesonal
    you looks great (well, as usuall) and even better in the srcem you look gorgues
    keep your idea and your dream it will come true you are in the way

    losts of love and lots of luck
    miss you……

    your friend Raaul

    1. Hello raaul! Thank you! Yes, you are so right and swwet!
      Follow your dreams and go with intuition for guidance 😉 as soon as we manage to do what we love, let go of resistance, the next stepstone appears. Life is good, raaul. Miss you,too yetfeel always connected. Lots of love and hugs to you and our lively friends and clients xx

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